20150429-DSC_4045 Our pretty flowers.  I am not a flower person, but having these outside our door has been really nice.
20150429-DSC_4053 He is getting so big!
20150429-DSC_4069 Baby collards.
20150429-DSC_4084 He loves to be pushed around in the Tonka.
20150430-DSC_4105 Or push it himself.
20150430-DSC_4109 Leland is getting really good at his scooter.
20150430-DSC_4135 Semi-cooperating.
20150430-DSC_4139 Not cooperating. But Leland has some great eyes in this photo.
20150430-DSC_4147 Sweet “baby” face.
20150503-DSC_4577 Don’t be fooled by this look of cuteness, MJ shows the truth, he is spilling his snack everywhere on purpose.
20150503-DSC_4580 “Da da!”



We went to KC last weekend, these are also the only photos I took for the week. 20150424-DSC_3831

Daddy the creeper.


Grandma Patty has made my children addicted to ice.  Leland says “ice, ice baby” so she will give him ice.


Harley was the first person to break a bone in my family, my brother quickly followed in the same week.


These boys LOVE the trampoline.



When not being a creep in the background, Jeff is also good at being a baby wrangler.





Leland gets so crazy around his girl cousins.  He is so noticeably a boy around them.



The littles.

20150425-DSC_3926“Ah?” All day, every day.

Check it out: Madre Beads

Starting a new business is hard.  It is hard to put yourself out there.  It is hard to find time to devote to a new business, especially when there are kids involved.  I am dealing with this myself so I understand.  Finding support for your business is just as challenging, which is why when Lacy asked if I would be a brand ambassador for Madre Beads I happily said yes!

What is there not to support?   A fellow mom being creative, making mom and kid friendly jewelry.  She hand makes everything here in Missouri, so for me I am also supporting a local business.  Her jewelry is made from hand painted non-toxic wooden beads and recycled t-shirt material.  While she created the jewelry for mom’s to have baby friendly options, it is not just for mom’s with little kids.  If you see the necklaces, they are beautiful and classy.  So any woman can enjoy them and wear them to easily dress up an outfit.

Women supporting women, that is the best way to start a new business.  Lacy has had a great start so far! She opened up shop in March and quickly sold out.  But don’t fret she is releasing her summer line on Monday April 27th at 8AM CST!

I am eyeing the Shibori (blue and white) and the Phoebe Wahl (wooden and pink) necklaces, and can’t wait to see what else Lacy comes up with for Monday.

So go check out her shop on Monday! Also follow her on Instagram for updates and giveaways!

P.S. Mother’s Day is coming up, and these would be a great gift!


20150417-DSC_3745Playing at the park. 20150417-DSC_3751

20150419-DSC_3754Opening birthday gifts and automatically reading them, and making us read them.

Helping with the gift opening. 20150419-DSC_3789Forced family photo, as you can see the kids are really into it.

Requested a rainbow cake, this is the best I could do.  It is a chocolate chip cookie cake. 20150419-DSC_3811

Blew out his candles in one try.

20150419-DSC_3816Eating the number 4 off the cake.